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Some general questions are answered here

Retinal degenerations are common lesions involving the peripheral retina,
and most of them are clinically insignificant.

No, these degenerations stay for lifetime. But, for most people,
condition is benign ( i.e.harmless)

Usually no symptoms
– Some may experience Floaters ( black spots in front of eye) and
flashes ( lightening)

Retinal detachment is the most common vision threatening
complication of these degenerations.

Patients who have associated features like –
Myopia ( minus spectacle number)
Family history
History of trauma
History of any type of eye surgery

  1. Often diagnosed during routine dilated fundus examination with
    indirect ophthalmoscopy. Then these degenerations are noticed by
    your doctor in peripheral retina.

    If you have family history of retinal disease, insist your doctor for
    Indirect Ophthalmoscopic retinal examination.

Periodic fundus examination with indirect ophthalmoscopy.
– Retinal detachment can be prevented in these cases by doing
preventive / prophylactic laser / cyrotherapy

No. Only high risk peripheral degenerations like lattice degeneration, retinal
holes, degenerative retinoschisis, which can result in retinal detachment
needs prophylactic treatment. Rest only need to be followed up regularly.
But, yes, if you experience increase in number of black spots or lightening ,
you should see your doctor immediately.



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