Staff Education

Staff Education

Sarakshi Netralaya not only values their technical knowledge, but we focus soft skills

Technical and non technical staff at Sarakshi undergoes rigorous trainings right from their inception at the institute.The technician are encourage to participation in various courses conducted in their field of Apart from technical and individual job responsibilities, awareness programme for staff is undertaken in various patient care and safety aspects like

Patient right and education
Patient safety
Infection control
Safety measures in event of fire
Safety measures during non fire natural calamity
Safety measures in event of chemical spill
Prevention of child abuse
Prevention of sexual harassment at work place

Fire Drill and CPR drill are conducted periodically.


Motivational talks on life skills beyond their work are organized to help them in their life time.

Why Choose Sarakshi

Not just better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience

Experienced Surgeons

Having experience of many critical successful surgeries.

Esthetic and Hygiene Place

Friendly staff, clean and hygienic place.

Advanced Eye Care

Advanced treatments. Few first in central India.

Latest in World Care

The only Center for 3D Surgery in Western and Central India

Personalized Care

Doctors as well as staff care for you personally.

Proficient Ophthalmologist

Specialized in respective medical faculty.



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